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We have 24 taps and are constantly rotating our selection.  Menu options can change daily, so be sure to stop into our taproom to see current selection.

Flight of Beer
Nitro Coffee Stout
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Gorilla Handshake

ABV 6.5% IBU: 57

Refreshing Citrus & Juicy Milkshake IPA. Loaded with local guava, lactose & Galaxy Hops. Swing for the trees and enjoy this delicious IPA.

Coconut Porter

ABV 9.2% IBU:40

Our Big Coconut Island porter takes a long trip in the boil to draw out all the sweetness. Rich flavors of toasted coconut, palm sugar, vanilla, caramel and chocolate makes this a true taste of Tutu’s coconut candy in a glass. Careful, this big porter may give you dirty lickins.

French Toast

ABV 9.5% IBU: 24

Yup folks its exactly what your thinking.
French toast in a glass. Real maple syrup with a hint of cinnamon sugar gives it a toasted sweet bread note.

Nitro Coffee Stout

ABV 7.8% IBU: 34

Coffee Lovers, this beer is for you.
Robust Stout using dark malts and local Kau Coffee.

Hazy Daze IPA

Style: IPA ABV: 6.2% IBU: 45

Chill with this hop bomb of citra & mosaic for an unmistakable Juicy IPA. 

This silky bright yellow hazy beer is full of melon and citrus flavors. Enjoy this refreshing dose of Hawaii sunshine in a glass. Consider this beauty an easy drinker for the lazy hazy daze.

Rosie’s Boathouse

ABV 6.5% IBU: 10

Circa 1979. A tribute to those who remember this iconic place. Like Rosie’s Boathouse this Hibiscus and Rose hips Ale brings you back to a nostalgic time. Beautiful Rosie pink beer will refresh your palate and keep you dreaming for another sip.

Nitro Porter

ABV 6.5% IBU: 10


Style: Pilsner ABV: 5.5% IBU: 25

Try our unique, local take on the ever-popular green bottle pilsner consumed in mass by our Island Ohana. Simple, crisp & clean with green bullet hops for da familiar kine aroma and local flavor.


Mead is made by fermenting honey. Also known as Honey Wine, our mead is made specifically with local Hawaii honey to ensure we celebrate our Hawaiian ohana too. 

If you’re looking for something that ranges in sweetness from sweet to dry—similar to champagne—Mead is going to be your new favorite. Try out the Mead flavors we have on tap and see which tickles your taste buds. 

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