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About Us

Our Brew Ohana

The idea started as many unforgettable ones do—over beer. We knew we not only had the enthusiasm for craft beer, but also the talent for brewing it. Take one look at our homebrew setup that created an underground local following of sorts for years and you’ll see how it brings together the Hilo ohana.

Opening Wailuku Brew Works is our chance to give back to the Big Island, a place we gratefully get to call home. In the spirit of aloha, it’s important to add to our community—not take away—which means we’re not looking to compete in the ever-growing beer scene, but instead add another unique flavor to taste, opportunity to collaborate together or at the very least, give you another local hangout to share a beer. 

This also means ensuring a majority of our ingredients are locally sourced. That everyone on our team from vendors to contractors and employees are well versed in our kuleana of taking care of one another.

We do our best to source local ingredients here on our beautiful Big Island.
Grow Local, Shop Local, Drink Local.

At the end of the day, Waluku Brew Works is all about bringing something we love to the community we love.

We’re so happy to have you.

Mission Statement:

To give everyone—from locals to tourists—a comfortable space to talk story over our shared love of really, really good beer. 

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