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Gorilla Handshake

ABV 6.5% IBU: 57

Refreshing Citrus & Juicy Milkshake IPA. Loaded with local guava, lactose & Galaxy Hops. Swing for the trees and enjoy this delicious IPA.

Coconut Porter

ABV 9.2% IBU:40

Our Big Coconut Island porter takes a long trip in the boil to draw out all the sweetness. Rich flavors of toasted coconut, palm sugar, vanilla, caramel and chocolate makes this a true taste of Tutu’s coconut candy in a glass. Careful, this big porter may give you dirty lickins.

French Toast

ABV 9.5% IBU: 24

Yup folks its exactly what your thinking.
French toast in a glass. Real maple syrup with a hint of cinnamon sugar gives it a toasted sweet bread note.

Kona Brew Fest

Join us at the Kona Brew Fest March 9, 2024! 

An annual tradition since 1996, the Kona Brewers Festival is a potent blend of craft beer, Hawaiian culture and charitable support. This beloved event brings beer enthusiasts and the community together while raising money for impactful causes focusing on conservation, education and cultural preservation in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.


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